Today, over 4 million Australians with disability still face many barriers and further significant change is needed to ensure they enjoy the same rights and freedoms as other people. Disability advocacy continues to promote equal opportunity for people with disability to participate in all areas of life

Melbourne East Disability Advocacy is well positioned locally to protect and promote the rights of people with intellectual disability.  MEDA’s individual and citizen advocacy programs provide support and access to advocacy so people can address issues that are important to them.  MEDA also encourages self advocacy.

Consumer Engagement

We identify and respond to people with intellectual disability in the community who may be in need of an advocate. This process involves meeting with the person and getting to know their needs and concerns. Clear identification of the person’s need is the basis from which a plan of action or Advocacy Plan is prepared.

Volunteer Citizen Advocate Program

We recruit, orientate and support volunteer citizen advocates who come from all walks of life and have a variety of skills and life experiences to offer.

The Volunteer Citizen Advocacy Program can provide a long or short term match.  Short term Citizen Advocacy may assist someone to address an identified issue or can support someone with the transition to NDIS.  Longer Term Citizen Advocacy is a 1:1 match where a longer term relationship is developed and the advocate stands beside or may represents the interest of the person with disability

Individual Advocacy Program

Staff provide short term individual advocacy for people with  intellectual disability to address an identified issue or to protect or promote the rights of an individual.

Disability advocacy is NOT:

  • Providing counselling
  • Making decisions for another person
  • Providing mediation
  • Providing case management

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