Consumer Advisory Group: Kathleen, Eddie, Andrew, Jim and Jodie

Consumer Advisory Group: Kathleen, Eddie, Andrew, Jim and Jodie

Jim V
During the day I am involved in activities that improve and maintain my health like exercise and physiotherapy. I also really like art and am a talented painter. I have a big family around me. I would like to learn to better use a computer. I love watching all forms of soccer also. I am part of MEDA’s Consumer Advisory Group because I enjoy meeting People.

Kathleen B
I am often busy during the day involved with many activities in my local community including mosaics, creative art, knitting and my local library. I am a big footy fan and I barrack for Hawthorn and the Box Hill Hawks. I would like to learn to speed walk. I am part of MEDA’s Consumer Advisory Group because I like meeting people and find it interesting.

Jane N
I joined MEDA’s Consumer Advisory Group in April 2023 after being introduced to MEDA by another organisation I am connected with. I grew up in Beaumaris, and in late 2022 moved from Kew to my lovely new unit in Nunawading. After finishing my secondary school education I completed my Enrolled Nursing studies and got the travel bug. First traveling to Bali, then becoming a crew member on a 42foot yacht travelling ½ way around the world. A few months before my 23rd birthday while traveling in America I was hit by a car which left me unconscious for 6 weeks with multiple injuries including 2 fractured legs and a severe brain injury. I am still connected with my friends from nursing and we have recently celebrated 40 years since our nursing graduation.

Eddie C
I am a member of MEDA’s Committee of Management and MEDA’s Consumer Advisory Group. I am very committed to both roles and want to stand up for people with disability. I represent the Advisory Group on MEDA’s Committee of Management. I also work as a member of the Reinforce peer workers team, providing training to other disability groups to help them understand what advocacy is about, as well as other ideas that could help improve the disability community.

Jason Ryan
My name is Jason Ryan I am a 51-year-old male
I have an acquired brain injury as a result of a fall when I was young.
I also have some movement difficulty as a long-term result of my fall.
I have several interests, such as fishing , travelling on the bus with my friend Peter who is a bus driver, we go out several times a week which gets me out of the boarding house where I live.
I also enjoy going out for dinner with my small group of friends and going to the Box Hill recreation centre to use the hydrotherapy pool, where I have also got to know several people.
I like to keep active as I get bored easily.
I drive a car which helps with my independence to go and do things on my own.
I have a good support worker who helps me with my goals and community interaction.
I enjoy being social and involved with people, but come across a bit reserved with people I don’t know well.

Hi my name is Heidi and I enjoy art & wood work & I love my family time. I love my mum so much we’re both like glue I would be lost without her. I also love animals ♥️ I really want a purpose in life and I really think a job would help do that. Would also help with my confidence. I believe in what I’m writing ✍️. I also love to exercise when I have time to keep healthy. I love true crime to.

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