The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability was established on 4 April 2019. It wants to hear how people with disability have experienced violence, neglect abuse or exploitation and will suggest how this can be prevented in the future.

As the Disability Royal Commission comes to a close on July 30th, 2023, the DRC reports that over the course of the DRC Royal Commission 7,944 submissions were received, there were 17,655 phone enquiries, 14 issues papers were published, 710 responses to issues papers were received, there were 1,713 private hearings held, and 33 Public Hearings held.

The DRC will deliver a final report to the Australian Government by 29th September 2023. In this report, the Royal Commission will recommend how to improve laws, policies, structures and practices to ensure a more inclusive and just society.

Further updates on the DRC can be found in their monthly Connect Newsletter: