The MEDA program is managed by a community based committee that is elected annually. It is responsible for overall strategic direction, policy development, financial management and oversight of the paid staff members.

Melbourne East Disability Advocacy Management Committee (“The Committee”)

Will Elder (President)
My name is Will and I joined the Committee of Management in June 2016.  I have been a Volunteer Citizen Advocate paired with Stephen since 2012.  I also a partner at Phillips & Wilkins Solicitors & Consultants in Thornbury and holds a Bachelor of Laws and Arts from Monash University.  I provide legal advice to a wide range of clients in commercial and personal matters.  I have volunteered with several groups supporting people with disability and am passionate about helping other people.  I believe that everybody should be able to engage in our community.

Mary Appleby (Vice President)
I joined the Committee of Management in May 2013. I hold a Masters in Human Resource Management and am a Certified Professional Member of the Australian Human Resource Institute. I am a respected Senior Executive with extensive experience in leadership and expertise in all facets of organisational and workforce development. Skilled in collaborating will all members of the organisation to improve required knowledge, skills and practices to achieve business objectives. With over 20 year’s strategic and operational management expertise in education and hospitality, I am currently Head of Communications and Engagement Governance at the Department of Transport. Also, as the Principal Consultant for my own HR consultancy and specialising in managing and developing teams, linking strategy to operational targets and business improvement. My commitment is to advocating for people with a disability so that they are equally valued and are given opportunities to contribute to the community.

Eddie Clark
I am a member of MEDA’s Committee of Management as well as MEDA’s Consumer Advisory Group.  I am very committed to both roles and want to stand up for people with disability.  I am a big gamer and would like to start up a gaming group.  I am part of MEDA’s Consumer Advisory Group because I represent the Advisory Group members at MEDA’s Committee of Management.

Debbie Orr
My name is Debbie. I have spent over 20 years working in call centres in different sectors assisting people with all types of enquiries.  I have passion for social justice and have completed a Diploma of Community Welfare Work and an Advanced Diploma of Justice.  As someone with a disability, I want everyone with disability to be treated respect fully, not judged and to be given a fair go.

Robyn Taft (Public Officer)
Robyn Taft is the Public Officer of MEDA, and a volunteer advocate and former committee member who has been associated with MEDA since 2006. Robyn is a semi-retired lawyer with a career history as an in-house counsel in both the private and public sectors.

Become a Committee of Management Member

The primary role of the committee is to ensure MEDA operates effectively and remains accountable. The committee is elected from the membership annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), nominations are open to anyone who has an interest in advocacy and making a difference. Meetings are held monthly and the composition of the committee includes people with a variety of skills and experience from a diverse range of backgrounds with a shared commitment to assist MEDA in fulfilling its legal and ethical obligations, these include:

  • Consumers
  • Citizen Advocates
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Legal

Opportunities are available for anyone who has a passion and commitment to join an active, progressive and effective committee and contribute to the governance and future strategic directions of MEDA.

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