Jan (Executive Officer)
Hi, I joined MEDA as the Executive Officer in September 2013.  I come to MEDA with over 20 years of experience in the health and disability sector.   I hope to strengthen MEDA’s core programs of individual, Systemic and Volunteer Citizen Advocacy and our current commitment to the Disability Royal Commission and the future direction and viability of MEDA.  I am committed to empowering people with disability and protecting and promoting the rights of all people with disability. I work Monday – Thursday, part time, 4 days a week.


Hi, I am MEDA’s Senior Disability Advocate. My role is to provide advocacy with people with disability in the Manningham, Maroondah, Monash, Whitehorse and Boroondara areas. I have just completed a Diploma in Mental Health / Alcohol and Drugs which has increased my knowledge and broadened my areas of expertise.  I always strive to get the best outcomes possible for people in a timely manner. In my spare time I enjoy cooking and spending time with family. I currently work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Hi, I joined MEDA in August 2021 as a DRC Coordinator/Advocate.  My role is to provide advocacy alongside people with disability who wish to share their story to the Disability Royal Commission.  I also provide individual advocacy alongside people with disability.  I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science in Disability at Deakin Uni in 2005 and have previously enjoyed roles in direct care support, Case Management and NDIS Support Coordination.  My belief of seeing all people for their strengths and abilities and striving to promote and uphold equal rights and respect for all members of our community has led me to MEDA.  I currently work Monday – Thursday, 4 days a week.

Hi, I am one of MEDA’s Disability Advocates. My role is to provide advocacy across the Manningham, Maroondah, Monash, Whitehorse and Boorondara areas. I love working with people to help them have a voice and be heard and understood. I have a background in law and mediation and a strong passion for social justice. I’m also a dad to two teenage boys and, in my spare time, I enjoy reading, going to galleries and live theatre, and am a self-confessed music junkie for 70s and 80s (and 90s grunge too). My working days at MEDA are Tuesdays and Fridays.

Hi, I am one of MEDA’s Disability Advocates. My job is to do some of MEDA’s systemic advocacy work. Part of my role is to increase MEDA’s engagement with LGBTIQA+ people with disability. Another part of my role is to build the capacity of and work with our Consumer Advisory Group. Our Consumer Advisory Group is made up of members who all live with cognitive disability.
In addition to my work at MEDA, I work at two other disability advocacy organisations. I have worked in the disability sector for over 7 years and have completed a post-graduate certificate in Disability and Inclusion. I am committed to promoting the rights of people with disability and working towards a more inclusive and accessible world.

I am an Inclusion Support Worker at MEDA, currently supporting one of MEDA’s consumers in their role as a member of the Committee of Management.
Although I spent many years working in the Information Technology sector, I have also been able to gain experience living with, working with, and supporting people with disabilities.
Apart from my work, my other interests are reading, computing and driving my classic sports car.

Hi, I was fortunate to join MEDA in August 2021 as a Business Support Officer. My role is to provide administrative and business support in all aspects of MEDA’s Advocacy Programs and organisational business. My career background includes over 20 years’ experience in administration and most recently, assisting in a school for behaviourally challenged children.  I enjoy and receive personal satisfaction using my skills to contribute to the collective efforts of creating an inclusive community. I work 5 hours per week.

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