What Support is Available?

What Support is Available?
What Support is Available?2017-07-21T15:44:47+00:00

Melbourne East Disability Advocacy offers individual advocacy and has a volunteer citizen advocacy program.

What is an advocate?

  • someone who supports you to be a part of decisions affecting you
  • someone who looks after your interests, protects and promotes your rights
  • someone to stand beside you so you feel heard.  This might mean helping you with meetings
  • someone who is independent

Individual advocacy

The staff at MEDA provide individual advocacy. They:

  • write up an advocacy plan with you
  • are given money to do their job
  • will change when the person leaves their job
  • are only available during working hours
  • divide their time between many people who use MEDA

Volunteer citizen advocacy

A volunteer citizen advocate:

  • Is specially chosen for you
  • Is not paid to be your advocate
  • Is someone who might be your advocate for a long time if you both agree, or can be involved short term to assist you with a particular issue of concern

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